Structural analyse, alteration, Cu-Au mineralization and fluid inclusions study in diltional jog in northeast of Kashmar


Geology department, Faculty of Sciences, Ferdowsi university of Mashhad


Regional Stress in Brittle zone in Kashmar overlapping jog causes Riedel type fractures. Migration and double circulation of Fe-bearing oxidized fluid cause alteration in junction of fractures and low-pressure positions and mineralization. In the first cycle, fluid cause Advanced Argillic, Sericitic and Silicification alteration and Chalcopyrite± pyrite ± Galena and probably Magnatite± Gold vein mineralization in depth. Duration second cycle by again leaching of elements, Superoxidized fluid cause overprinting of secondary alteration of Fe-oxide, Carbonatization, Epidotization and Chloritization and Spcularite ± Chalcopyrite ± gold mineralization. Cu and Pb amounts in primary sulfide veins are >1% and in secondary IOCG veins Au amount is 1.5% and Cu, Pb and Zn are >1%. Fluid inclusion studie implies H2O-NaCl-CaCl2 system, medium to high temperatures (245-530) and medium salinities (14.15-17.96) and principal role of magmatic fluid and Cl-complexes in transition of metals without Bubble occurance. On the basis of this study, Fe-bearing oxidized fluids causes varius IOCG and Skarn mineralizations in through of IOCG belt of north of Dorouneh fault.


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