Hydrogeochemistry of Shahrood Aquifer and Investigation of Controlling Factors of Nitrate Contamination


Faculty of Earth Sciences, University of Shahrood


     Nitrate as a characteristic ion of the contaminated groundwaters increases due to the human activities, generally. In this research, spatial and temporal variations of nitrate, as well as its controlling parameters in Shahrood aquifer were studied. Fifty eight water wells and samples were controlled and collected collected. Field parameters, major ions and nitrate were measured. Increase of electrical conductivity and decrease of pH in the urban areas, accompanied by enhancement of nitrate concentration more than 45 mg/L shows the impact of municipal wastewater leaching on the aquifer quality. Meaningful relationships between pairs of nitrate and land use, soil texture, electrical conductivity, major ions and pH clearly confirm the major role of municipal wastewater leaching in the aquifer contamination. Continuous leaching has increased nitrate concentration of groundwaters in the urban areas with an average rate of 1.7 mgL-1year-1. Regarding results of this research that can be applied in quality management of Shahrood aquifer, development of wastewater collecting network at the whole urban area must be expedited, preventing more aquifer contamination.


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