The Role of Silica Fractal Distribution in Textural Variations of the Epihtermal systems (Comparing the Armudaq Mineralization with the Queensland Au-Deposits)


Assist. Prof., Geoscience Department, Payam Noor University, Iran


      The Armudaq exploration evidences indicate to Cenozoic related post-magmatic activities in an epithermal system with adularia facies according to geochemical researches and fluid inclusion previous studies in this region. The Armudaq textural variations in the mineralized halos show a regular but individual zonation within the silica occurrences that is indicated to appearing of self similar patterns same as the Queensland textures. Refering to the Armudaq quartzitic samples, the silica contents have been analysed by fractal functions for revealing a nonlinear relationship between surficial distribution of SiO2 and the coloform textural appearances among gold mineralization processes. In practice, most of the textural variations in the veinlet systems have been studied precisely and realized by satisfying to silica power law equation in order to obtaining the self-similar properties of the individual textures. As a result, nonlinear analysis of the textural evolutions have been well done in the Armudaq region and therefore compared with the Queensland results of which indications can be used to define a new criterion for prospecting a hidden but probable gold deposit traces in the Eastern Azerbaijan province of Iran.


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