Investigation of regions with potential of brick raw material to solve environmental impacts in Isfahan province


1 Mining Engineering Department, Isfahan University of Technology

2 Department of Geology, Payame Noor University, I.R. of IRAN


      Isfahan province has long been known for its brick industry in Iran. In an area about 20 km2 there are major environmental problems because of existence of brick factories around Isfahan that use the fertile agricultural soil. In this study, the existence of raw materials for manufacturing of different kind of bricks (clayey, marly, shaly) have been identified in an area about 12500 km2 in Isfahan province, using satellite imagery, 1:100000 geological maps and field observation. Furthermore by doing some chemical and physical analyses on the collected samples from identified areas, it is determined that with an appropriate mixture of brick raw materials, especially clay and shale, a standard brick with suitable compressive strength and water absorption could be made. With recognition of the potential areas for presence of brick raw material, in rural area of Isfahan, the brick factories around Isfahan could be transferred to these new areas in future.


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