Biostratigraphy of Early to Late Cambrian trilobites in Silo Section (South of Kerman)


1 Department of Ecology, Institute of Science, High Technology and Environmental Science, Graduate University of Advanced Technology

2 Department of Geology, Faculty of Sciences, University of Isfahan, Isfahan, Iran


Limited outcrops of the Cambrian deposited are present in the north of Kerman Province. Parts of these strata contain trilobite fossils. One of the suitable areas for paleontological studies is the Silo section. This section is located about 17 Km south of Kerman. These deposites have 257 m thickness with fossil invertebrates of trilobites, brachiopods, gastropods, and stromatolites. In this study, 12 genera and 11 species of trilobites were identified and described that include Afghanocera lategenatum, Anomocarella chinensis, Anomocarella sp., Blountia blountia, Cheliedonocephalus farsia, Iranoleesia pisiformis, Kermanella lata lata, Kermanella lata minuta, Kermanella sp., Kobayashiella sp., Latouchella? huckriedea, Paragralous? dahuensis, Redlichia cf. chinensis Redlichia noetlingi, Redlichia sp., Stoecklinaspinosa, Syspachelius sp. Based on trilobite assemblages, the silo section is divided into four biozones: Redlichia noetlingi Biozone, Kermanella kuhbananensis Biozone, Iranoleesia pisiformis Biozone, Cheliedonocephalus farsia Biozone. The age of this section, based on trilobite biozones, is Stage4- Guzhangian (late Early Cambrian to early Late Cambrian).


Main Subjects

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