Using Geotechnical, Environmental and Agricultural Criteria in Fuzzy Multiple Criteria Decision Making Technique (FTOPSIS)


Department of Geology, Faculty of Science, Ferdowsi University of Mashhad, Mashhad, Iran


Among the factors and indexes considered for the environmental evaluation of projects mostly the factors with environmental aspects are chosen. Decision making on relative superiority of a project compared to other factors requires going beyond investigation of the exclusive environmental consequences. Environmental Geotechnics is a part of Engineering Geology that considers Environmental and Geotechnical issues concurrently. In this research it has been tried for the first time to investigate environmental factors and issues besides geotechnical viewpoints. For doing so, the water and soil different standards in different scopes including drinking water, agriculture and geotechnics have been investigated and evaluated by the help of Fuzzy Multiple Attribute Decision Making Technique of TOPSIS. Also, their differences and features have been referred while comparison of the mentioned techniques results.As an environment of appropriate decision, 4 networks of irrigation and drainage from Khuzestan province with the name of irrigation and drainage networks of Evan (North- West of Khuzestan), Dasht-e Azadegan (west of Khuzestan), Ramhormoz (east of Khuzestan) and Kheir Abad (South-east of Khuzestan) was used as a platform of necessary information.


Main Subjects

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