Significance of paleoecological calcified sponges (Neuropora lusitanica, Cladocoropsis mirabilis) in Esafandiar carbonate platform in Gazu area (East Central Iran)


1 Civil engineering department,, Technical and vocational University, Tehran. Iran

2 Geology department,,Yazd University


Significance of paleoecological calcified sponges (Neuropora lusitanica, Cladocoropsis mirabilis) in Esafandiar carbonate platform in Gazu area( east central Iran)
To progress in the knowledge of Upper Jurassic, evolution of the central Tethys realm an integrated approach which includes calcified sponges and microfacies has described in east central Iran.A rich poriferan that are compsed of Neuropora lusitanica, Cladocoropsis mirabilis and Chaetetid was identified within the Esfandiar Carbonate Platform of Iran. The excellent preservation state of most poriferans here led to recognize the some sponges and to the identification of previously unknown diagnostic features .N. lusitanica for the first time from the Upper Jurassic carbonates of the Esfandiar Carbonate Platform. The sedimentary input fluctuations and the nutrient competition had an important role in understanding the morphological adaptations of the analysed species. The existing palaeoecological and palaeoenvironmental conditions generated different distribution patterns of sponges. The absence of reef framework in Esfandiar platform may be contribute to high-temperature drying and the fluctuation of nutrient in middle Oxfordian- lower


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