Geological Study and Geostatic Modeling of Asmari/Shahbazan Reservoir of Balarud Oil field in SW Iran Using RMS Software


1 Department of Geology, Islamic Azad University, Estahban Brancch, Estahban, Iran

2 National Iranian Oil South Oil Company


In the present study, for the first time, a three-dimensional geological model of Asmari/Shahbazan reservoir (structural, petrophysical, porosity and water saturation model) of Balarud oil field using geophysical, petrographic and structural information by 6 wells of this field RMS software was created. Petrographic study on sample (well number 1) shows that the main lithology of Asmari / Shahbazan reservoir in this field is limestone, dolomite and dolomitic limestone. Combining the available data, it was found that the Asmari / Shahbazan reservoir in Balarud oily field can be divided into 5 zones, with Zone 2 being divided into 3 sub-zones. Assessment of the maps extracted from the models shows that the best reservoir zone in terms of petrophysical characteristics is in Asmari / Shahbazan reservoir zone 1. Using the study of lateral and longitudinal sections prepared by the RMS software, changes in the thickness of the zones and how to expand the reservoir zones of the study area were determined. Examination of the petrophysical model of Asmari reservoir shows that the East and Northeast areas of the reservoir have better hydrocarbon potential compared to other areas of the reservoir and the more the layers extend to the Northeast of the field, the better the reservoir quality. In volumetric calculations, the volume in place of hydrocarbons in normal conditions has been calculated 658226013 barrels. Of this amount, the highest volume of oil is allocated to zone number 1 of the reservoir.


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