Investigation of type and genesis of base metal mineralization in the Zajkan deposit (Tarom-e-Sofla, Qazvin Province) using geology, geochemistry and fluid inclusions data


Department of Geology, University of Zanjan, Zanjan, Iran


The Zajkan base (± precious) metal deposit is located in the Tarom-e-Sofla part of the Qazvin province, and is part of the Tarom-Hashtjin metallogenic belt (THMB). The THMB has been documented as one of the most important epithermal metallogenic belts in Iran (Ghorbani, 2013; Kouhestani et al., 2018) that host numerous epithermal precious and base metal deposits (i.e., Rashtabad, Gulojeh, Aqkand, Aliabad–Khanchy, Chodarchay, Khalyfehlou, Chargar, Lubin-Zardeh, Marshoun, Abbasabad, Zehabad, and Shah Ali Beiglou).
Mining at Zajkan started around 1970 and continued to the beginning of 1980s. Recent exploration work at the Zajkan deposit started from 2017 by Roy Godaz Company, and the deposit is still under exploration. In this paper, we present detailed geology and mineralization characteristics of the Zajkan deposit along with geochemical and fluid inclusions data to investigate ore genesis of the deposit. These results may have implication for the regional exploration of epithermal deposits in the THMB.


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