Influences of structural parameters on geohazard zonations in Vatan-Farsian area


Geology Department, College of Sciences, Golestan University, Gorgan, Iran


One of the hazardous area in Golestan province is Vatan-Farsian area which selected as case study. In this research, main and minor faults were determined by using Remote Sensing techniques together field surveys and then, mapped in GIS environment. The Geohazards were distinguished and categorized into: Faulting, Seismicity, Landslides, Slope movements and Erosion. The location of Geohazards were defined by image processing together field surveys and enter to GIS environment as data layers. Then, these layers overlaid on extracted faults and finally, the relationship between them are investigated. The results shown that maximum density of fractures occurred along fault zones. Also, the faults have potential to occurred earthquakes with magnitude < 4. Many of landslides aligned as wide strip with East-West trend between Tilabad and Susara faults. Some rock falls taken placed along Qeshlaq and Vatan faults. Many of sliding occurred in floor of fault scarps. But, the creeps have weaken relationship with fault zones. The weathering shown in Qeshlaq, Farsian faults and in a fault which controlled the Tillabad river trend. Sloppy erosions show in fault scarps. River erosions haven’t any direct relationship with faults. So, the result shown that faults caused to taken placed and/or defined the location of Geohazards.


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