Investigating the role of tectonics in the development of Leylia - Keynow karstic aquifer (northeast of Khuzestan) with an emphasis on hydro-tectonical analysis


Department of Geology, Faculty of Earth Sciences, Shahid Chamran University of Ahvaz, Ahvaz, Iran


The calcareous terrain of Ilam-Sarvak Formation at Leylia-Keynow Anticlines in the northeast of Khuzestan province has formed a very rich karst aquifer under the influence of geological structures. Many dolines at the heights of these anticlines, and also karstic springs such as Sousan spring with super-high discharge, springs of Tange-Sard and Dare-kool with a relatively high discharge indicate that the regional karst is well developed. Studies of geological structures show that the study area is affected by the basement faults of the Izeh and Balaroud shear zones. As a result, in addition to the development of fractures, the anticlines of the area have been merged with each other through structural interferences. The aquifer (anticline) of the Leylia-Keynow is the result of the same structural development, which, based on water budget estimation, can also be linked to the adjacent aquifers (or anticlines). The fault structure of another important in the study area is Mafaroun thrust fault which has played a substantial role on occurrence of above springs by placing the Ilam-Sarvak Formation in front of the Pabdeh-Gurpi impenetrable Formation, as well as creating high fracturing. Field surveys also show that faults and fractures are more frequent in the study area. These types of fractures and faults play a key role in controlling the pattern of general flow and water transfer. In sum, these results indicate that the karstic aquifer in the study area is controlled by a specific hydrotectonic regime.


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