Fluid inclusion and chemistry of sphalerite and chalcopyrite in the Gol-e-Zard and Baba-Gholleh Pb-Zn deposits (Central Sanandaj-Sirjan Zone)


1 Department of Geology, Faculty of Earth Science, Shahid Chamran University of Ahvaz, ,Ahvaz, Iran

2 Department of Geology, Faculty of Earth Science, Shahid Chamran University of Ahvaz, Ahvaz, Iran


The Gol-e-Zard Zn-Pb deposit northeast ofOligodarz in Lorestan province andthe Baba Gholleh Zn-Pb deposit inthe southwest of Khomein city inthe Markazi province.Both ofthese deposits are located inthe middle part ofSanandaj Sirjan zone andIsfahan-Malayer metallogenic belt.Mineralization occurs inUpper Triassic toJurassic Phyllites and meta-sandestones inthe Gol-e-Zard deposit and mineralization inthe Baba Gholleh deposit occurs inPost-middle Jurassic black Phyllites.The Gol-e-Zard Zn-Pb deposit northeast ofOligodarz inLorestan province andthe BabaGholleh Zn-Pb deposit inthe southwest ofKhomein city inthe Markazi province.Both ofthese deposits are located inthe middle part of Sanandaj Sirjan zone and Isfahan-Malayer metallogenic belt. Based on geochemical studies, Zn/Cd rates inboth deposits are less than200,which are within the range ofmetamorphosed sedimentary deposits.The amount of Ga, Hg and Sn inthe sphalerites ofthe Baba Gholleh deposit was higher than inthe Gol-e-Zard deposit. The amount ofthese elements is inversely correlated withthe temperature ofthe mineralizing fluid.The amount of Co in the Gol-e-Zard deposit sphalerites is higher than inthe Baba Gholleh deposit.Its amount directly related tothe fluid temperature.Based on the SEM-EDX(on chalcopyrite)and ICP-Ms(on sphalerites),the amount ofcadmium inthe Gol-e-Zard deposit and iron content the Baba Gholleh deposit were higher.The amount of Cu and Inand Co/Ni ratios inthe sphalerites of the Gol-e-Zard deposit and the Baba Gholleh deposit arewithin range theSEDEX deposit ofsouthern China.Fluid inclusion analyses indicate that ore bearing fluid salinity is15 to17.5wt%NaCl eq.with mean temperature of181˚C for Gol-e-Zard and 12 to 17 wt% NaCl eq.with mean temperature of166 ˚C forBaba Gholleh.Based on geological,mineralogical,geochemical as well asfluid inclusion studies,it seems that Gol-e-Zard and BabaGolleh deposits share many similarities withSEDEX type deposits.


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