Determination of empirical relation between electrical resistivity and moisture content of municipal solid waste at a closed landfill in Lali, Khuzestan


Department of Geophysics, Masjed- Soleiman Branch, Islamic Azad University, Masjed- Soleiman, Iran


In this study, the empirical relation between electrical resistivity and moisture content of municipal solid waste was determined at a closed landfill site. Samples obtained from drilled boreholes were investigated to measure their physical properties. In this study, a specific electrode array, dipole-dipole array, was used in laboratory measurements since it is very useful in 2D and 3D electrical resistivity tomography. After correction of temperature and compression effects on the electrical resistivity data in laboratory, a strong correlation was developed between electrical resistivity and moisture content of samples. The validity of obtained mathematical relation was confirmed by using it in moisture content estimation of a new borehole. The data of this borehole were not used to determine the empirical relation between electrical resistivity and moisture content of the samples. A comparison of the estimated moisture content with the corresponding values measured in the laboratory indicates a very strong correlation.


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