Origin of Choghart iron ore deposit, Central Iran: Applied to the fluid medium middle class


1 Department of Geology, Shiraz University, Shiraz, Iran

2 Department of Geology, Damghan University, Damghan, Iran


Choghart iron deposit is located in central Iran and 12 km north east of Bafgh, 130 km southeast of Yazd city. The dominant host rock in this area is the complex of intermediate-acidic igneous infiltrations and Mafic dykes, which have been highly altered in some parts and are known as metasomatitis. These igneous rocks have been transformed in some places to the extent of the green schist facies. Magnetite is the most abundant oxidizing ore in the region, in layered, massive and diffuse forms in the host rock of Choghart deposit. The main ore mineralization of the deposit occurred in the late Precambrian formations of high-grade (magnetite + apatite + amphibole). The data from the study of fluid transitions in monolithic apatite with magnetite shows that the Changar iron mass canal is in the range of 370 to 385 ° C. The highest salinity rate was found to be 20-39% by weight, equivalent to salt. Field evidence and micro-measurements of fluid transitions in Chaghart mineral deposit apatite show that ore-bearing fluid is very similar to that of magmatic-hydrothermal deposits of gold-copper-iron oxide (IOCG).


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