Groundwater contamination modeling by municipal solid waste using MODPATH numerical code: Case Study in Lour Andimeshk Plain unconfined Aquifer, Khuzestan, Iran


Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) in most cities of Iran is dumped in open areas without proper lining. Dumping of solid waste at open areas leads to the formation of leachate during rains, which may seep and contaminate the groundwater.The proximity of landfill to the unconfined aquifer of Laur Andimeshk Plain and failure to comply with the required standards in choosing a dumping place, has raised concerns about leakage from the landfill to the aquifer. This study is aimed to estimate and predict of direction and velocity of groundwater contamination due to the Lor Andimeshk plain landfill through numerical and semi-analytical models by the MODFLOW and MODPATH numerical codes contained in the GMS software. To achieve this purpose: Firstly, groundwater flow model was built and calibrated by MODFLOW. Then, the MODPATH was used to trace contaminated particles by a forward method in steady state condition. The results showed that Andimeshk landfill has the potential of contaminating its adjacent exploitation wells in the current and future conditions. decreases pumping from exploitation wells in the aquifer, as a management scenario, somewhat Decreases of the risk of contamination of adjacent wells at landfills site .The results from Hydrochemical data have confirmed the results of particle tracking with the MODPATH model.


Main Subjects

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