Application rare earth elements geochemical for comparing migmatites, leucosome and granites of Boroujerd area: Exploratory view


1 Department of Geology, Faculty of Sciences, Lorestan University, Iran

2 Department of Geology, Faculty of Sciences, Shahid Chamran University of Ahvaz, Iran


Boroujerd Metamorphic Complex is consist of regional and contact metamorphisms. The intrusion of middle Jurassic Boroujerd granitoid complex in the metapelite rocks has caused the formation of pelitic hornfels, and partial melting derived migmatites. Leucosum of migmatites composed mainly of plagioclase, quartz, feldspar, biotite and muscovite minerals, having myrmekite, pertite and graphic textures. Leucosum of migmatite is peraluminous and has high amounts of K2O as well as low values of MgO, Fe2O3, and TiO2. According to petrographic studies, the composition of leucosome in the Boroujerd migmatites is granite. Also, according to the study of petrography and chemical analysis, it is determined that leucosome of Boroujerd migmatites belong to S ـ  type granites that are different from the adjacent granite mass. The chondrite-normalized REE pattern of leucosome has a negative slope and positive Eu anomaly. The difference in the REE pattern of granites and leucosome of migmatite indicate that granites do not have any relation with leucosomes and partial melting of metapelite rocks do not form them. The study of Boroujerd migmatites is important from the exploratory point of view, Due to the formation of spinel and corundum minerals in these migmatites.


Main Subjects

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