Kalabri Stratabound Copper Deposit (Manto-type) in Eocene Volcano-Sedimentary Sequence of NW Bardaskan, Northeastern Iran


Research Center for Ore Deposit of Eastern Iran, Ferdowsi University of Mashhad, Iran


    Kalabri deposit is part of the Eocene volcano-sedimentary sequence of eastern Sabzevar zone is hosted for several stratabound copper mineralization. Geology of the area includes Eocene volcanic rocks with andesitic-basaltic composition, limestone, and microgabbroic dikes. Igneous rocks are calc-alkaline and metaluminous type and were formed in subduction zone.  Mineralization is formed in volcanic rocks and contact between them and limestone as disseminated, veinlets, and open space filling textures. Primary minerals are chalcocite, chalcopyrite, bornite, native copper, and pyrite and secondary minerals are malachite, covellite, azurite, chrysocolla, and Fe oxide. Propylitic, carbonate, silicification, and zeoloitic alteration are present in the area. Copper anomaly is up to 8%. Kalabri copper deposit is Manto-type and epigenetic model is suggested for formation of it. Volcano-sedimentary sequence in northeast of Iran has good potentional for Manto deposits and should be designed detailed exploration schedules for it.


افتخارنژاد، ج.، 1354، نقشه 1:250000 کاشمر، سازمان زمین­شناسی و اکتشافات معدنی کشور.
سامانی، ب.، 1381، متالوژی کانسارهای مس مانتو در ایران، ششمین همایش انجمن زمین­شناسی ایران، سازمان زمین­شناسی و اکتشافات معدنی کشور.
قائمی، ف.، موسوی حرمی، ر.، 1385، نقشه 1:100000 درونه، سازمان زمین­شناسی و اکتشافات معدنی کشور.
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