Effects of lime and Cement on the Swelling Properties of the Sulfate- Bearing Clay Soils


Department of Structural and Engineering Geology, School of Geology, College of Sciences, University of Tehran, Iran


In order to investigate the effects of lime and cement on the swelling properties of the sulfate-bearing clay soils, three sample groups of different combinations of sulfate-bearing clay and lime, sulfate-bearing clay and cement, and sulfate-bearing clay and lime and cement were made. Then the samples swelling percentage, swelling pressure, liquid limit, and plastic limit, before and after adding these admixtures, were compared to each other. Adding 3, 5, and 7 percent of lime to the sulfate-bearing clay has increased the swelling percentage and pressure, as well as liquid limit and plastic limit of the soil. This is due to the formation of the bar-form expansive ettringite mineral. Through forming cement gels, adding 3, 5, and 7 percent of the Portland cement type II reduced the swelling percentage and pressure, and also, the liquid limit and plastic limit of the soil. Although simultaneous addition of the lime and cement to the above-mentioned soil combinations reduced the soil’s PI, it had a little impact on the swelling percentage and pressure. Therefore, modification of swelling properties of the sulfate-bearing clay is not possible with lime and the use of cement is more suitable.


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