Satellite Mineral Mapping for Recognition of Sodic and Calcic Type Bentonite Deposits in Eastern Iran


Geology department, Ferdowsi University of Mashhad


    The Tertiary volcanic activities assemblage of eastern Iran is hosted for several bentonite deposits. Different industrial applications of bentonite are related to concenterations of CaO and Na2O in montmorillonite. In this reaeasrch, Aster image processing using Spectral Angle Mapper (SAM) method is used for recognization of sodic and calcic bentonite in known areas. Deh Mohammad, Chah Cam, and Chah Keshmir bentonite mines in South Khorasan province are sodium rich and Khoshab bentonite in Khorasan Razavi province is calcium rich. Satellite image processing indicate that montmorillonite 5 and 8 spectrals in US Geological Survey (USGS) Spectral Library at ENVI software are suitable for recognization of sodic and calcic bentonite, respectively. Therefore, using this method can be enhanced sodic and calcic bentonite in eastern Iran and is planned for detailed fieldworks.


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