Groundwater Contamination under Agricultural Fields in Mojen Plain, Semnan Province


Faculty of Earth Sciences, Shahrood University of Technology


    Agricultural fields are the main non-point (diffuse) source of groundwater contamination. In this research, 17 agricultural wells in Mojen plain at Semnan province were sampled to investigate the impacts of agricultural activities on the aquifer quality. Relationships of electrical conductivity (EC), pH, nitrate and phosphate with wells depth clearly indicate groundwater quality differences in upper and lower parts of the aquifer. Direct relations of EC with nitrate and phosphate in shallow wells confirm the impact of agricultural return flows on the top of the aquifer, whereas no meaningful relations are observed in deep wells. Results of this research show high concentrations of nitrate and phosphate in upper parts of alluvial aquifer which confirm their surficial source, proving impacts of agricultural activities on contamination of Mojen aquifer at the agricultural fields. Based on applied results of the study, managing agricultural activities in this plain is required to prevent aquifer contamination and to protect valuable groundwater resources.


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