Investigation of Karst Geomorphology of Zagros and Its comparison with Central Iran Carbonates


1 Geology Department, Earth Science College, Shahid Chamran University of Ahvaz

2 Agriculture College, Ilam University, Iran


This study was carried out in several anticlines at the Zagros range and central Iran In order to identify the main factors that effect on karstic features. The studies at Keino anticline, as representative of the Zagros range, show most of the karstic features such as polje, sinkhole, karren, etc. The Shatte Temi lake depression does appear to be erosional and to be functioning as a hydrologic polje in modern times. The karst landscape at high elevation at Keino anticline is highly oriented so that it looks like a sand dune filed from some angles. We may have a lot of permafrost control here in the past because there are similarities with some of the northern Canadian landscapes. Then it is possible that there has been permafrost (or even some ice cap build up) during Quaternary cold periods. Geomorphology studies show obvious differences between karstic features of Shotori Mountains, central Iran, and the Zagros belt. There are not any advanced morphological karst features such as poljes and sinkholes and other typical features (rill karren, runnel karren, etc.) replace with vespiary features, microspitz karren and similar features. Purity of limestone in Shotori Mountains is the same as Zagros, and then the main reason for morphological differences can be attributed to the type and quantity of precipitations, interbeds of noncarbonate rocks and thickness of carbonate beds.


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