Shear Structures and Micro- Structures Analysis Along Aboulfazl Thrust, NE Khoy


Department of Geology, Khoy Branch, Islamic Azad University, Khoy, Iran


      The shear zones of each thrust in different types of folds such as: Isoclinal folds, Z-shaped and S- shaped drag folds and faulted folds are recognizable in the study area. Contacts between metamorphic rocks and  thrust fault by Aboulfazl thrust is clearly visible. Along fault zones, a number of major mylonite and/or high strain zones have occured in the form of ductile shear zone, each up to few hundred length and several meters width. Besides, the foliated mylonite, the faulted  rocks of the Khoy metamorphism are represent by fault breccia’s and gouge zones which display the incohesive random fabric. The study area is marked by brittle faults rocks, slicken sides, mylonite and other highly foliated strained ductile fault rocks associated with  tectonic structure.
      Kinematic indicators such as: asymmetric porphyroclasts, S-C fabric and pull-apart micr-ostructures throughout the field area indicate dextral deformation. The sense of shear, across each of the shear zones, was mainly determined using micr-ostructural criteria. Alluvial fan changes, stream deflection, and offset and fault scarp in different segments proved that Aboulfazl thrust fault used to be an active fault.


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