Mineralographical - Gemological Features and its relation to polishing quality of Agates from South of Torud


Department of geology, Shahid Beheshti University


      The studied agates located in an area in eastern margin of central Iran zone. Because of several reasons such as the rarity of acidic volcanism in the area, the presence of fragments of host rock within agate without reaction bordred and positive anomalies of Ce and Yb normalized with Chondrites, can be said that the silica source that formed the gems of the area was provided from dissolution of matrix of volcanics. The agates show different textures which are dependent on their 1to 8 stages of crystal growth. Main textures are: spherulitic, cryptocrystalline, elongate to semi-spherulitic, variolitic, axiolitic, microgranular and cryptocrystalline. In agates light colour, reflection index, density and quality of polishing are related to each other. The relation is more obvious in cryptocrystalline and fine grain agates and is minimum in agates with spherulitic texture. Also agates have elongate to subspherulitic texture in their transverse direction, are highlighted but transparency less compared to those longitudinal direction which contain variolite and axiolitic textures. This features can be used for applications in the cutting and processing of agates.


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