Mineralogical and geochemical study of Chah Golestan bentonite mine, Sarayan, southern Khorasan


Faculty of geology, University of Tehran


      The Chah Golestan bentonite mine is located in Sarayan, southern Khorasan province. In this research, genesis of chah Golestan mine was determined by using mineralogical and geochemical studies. Analytical methods including X-ray differaction (XRD) and chemical analysis (XRF & ICP-MS) performed on bentonite and parent rock samples. According to XRD studies bentonites consist mainly of sodium montmorillonite. They also contain cristobalite, quartz, feldspar, calcite and halite as minor phases. Based on the geochemical data, parent magma and rock series are rhyolitic and calc alkali series, respectively, formed in volcanic arc setting. According to observation and geochemical analysis of bentonite and country rock samples it is supposed that bentonite deposit was formed by means of volcanic glasses alteration to bentonite in the diagenetic process. Some of the evidences include: stratabound nature of minerals, high amount of montmorillonite, presence of gypsum layers alternating with bentonite, the lack of hydrothermal alteration,…


 آقا نباتی س. ع، زمین شناسی ایران(1365)، انتشارات سازمان و اکتشافات معدنی کشور، ص 619
 حجازی. م، قربانی. م(1373) بنتونیت – زئولیت ، سازمان زمین شناسی کشور، ص 67
 نادری میقان. ن(1379) نقشه 100000:1 آیسک، سازمان زمین شناسی کشور
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