Estimation of Karoun River Water Quality in the Ahvaz city using field observation, Field Spec®3 and Hyperion Hypersepectral Data


Department of Geology, Shahid Chamran University of Ahvaz


In this research Hyperspectral remote sensing was used for assessment of water quality parameters in Karoun River of Ahvaz City. Common techniques for monitoring and assessing water quality in rivers and lakes are mostly expensive and laborious and are unable to present an overview of spatial and temporal water quality variations. After processing and atmospheric correction, EO-1 satellite imageries which were acquired on June 14, September 2 December 4, 2010 and March 7, 2011, Were used as remote sensing data. Turbidity and Secchi Disk depth (SDD) parameters were evaluated. SDD was measured at thirteen stations of river with satellite overpass, also simultaneous water samples were collected. Water samples were analyzed for turbidity in laboratory. Furthermore, three types of hyperspectral indices including, single-band reflectance, first derivative of reflectance and reflectance ratio were extracted on the spectral profile of all bands of the Hyperion sensor. Appropriate algorithms were created for establishing correlation between data extracted from images in-situ and laboratory measurements. Results indicated that two methods, the first derivative of reflectance and reflectance ratio, were highly correlated with the measured Turbidity and SDD data. Zonation map using multiple regressions for these two parameters based on Hyperspectral data and water quality sampling data was prepared. The results showed that the field data and Hyperspectral remote sensing are highly correlated with SDD and Turbidity (R2 = 0.84, RMSE=0.03 and R2 = 0.86, RMSE=1.03 respectively). Therefore, this method and hyperspectral images can be considered as a useful tool for assessing water river quality.


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