Petrography and Geochemistry of the Mafic and Intermediate Rocks of South of Alvand Plutonic Complex, Artyman Area (North of Tuyserkan)


Department of Geology, Bu Ali Sina University


The study area is located near the Artyman village at the southern part of the Alvand plutonic complex. This complex is part of the Sanandaj – Sirjan zone. It is composed of granitoids, mafic and intermediate rocks. Intermediate and mafic rocks are located in the southern part of the region, as separate bodies intruded by granitoids outcrops, as well. These rocks involve olivine gabbro, olivine norite, gabbro, norite, and diorite. Geochemical studies show that mafic rocks are tholeiitic to transitional. In primitive mantle and chondrite normalized diagrams, the studied rocks show enrichment in LREE and depletion in HREE.  Enrichment in LREE and LILE, high ratio of LIL/HFS and negative anomalies of Nb and Ti are characteristic of subduction zone magmatism. The evidence of Nb and Ta negative anomalies and positive Th anomaly for magma with a mantle source was contaminated by crust during ascent. The presence of positive Sr anomaly is consistent with mantle source for studied rocks. The Nb / Ta>1 ratio is indicator of contaminated mantle-derived magmas.


 اشراقى، ص.، 1382،نقشه زمین شناسى تویسرکان با مقیاس  1:100000، سازمان زمین شناسى و اکتشافات کشور.
سپاهی گرو، ع. ا.، 1378،پترولوژی مجموعه پلوتونیک الوند با نگرشی ویژه بر گرانیتوئیدها. پایان نامه دکتری، دانشکده علوم، گروه زمین شناسی، دانشگاه تربیت معلم.
شهبازی، ح.، 1389،پترولوژی مجموعه سنگ­های آذرین و میگماتیت­های کمپلکس الوند و توده نفوذی آلموقلاغ همدان و ارتباط ژنتیکی بین آن­ها، رساله دکتری، دانشگاه شهید بهشتی.
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