The Source Determination of Elements in Soils Around Khatoon Abad Cu-smelter, West of Kerman Province


Department of Geology, Shahrood University, Shahrood, Iran


In this study the total concentration of major and trace elements and their sources in surface soils around the Khatoon Abad smelter, SE Iran, was investigated. To this purpose thirteen surface soil samples were taken from three directions (NE, W and SE) of smelter. After strong acid digestion, the concentrations of elements were determined using ICP-OES. The obtained results show that the mean concentration  of Al, Sr, Cu, Zr, As, Mo, Sb, Cd and Ag were 68161, 566.46, 125.69, 111.84, 14.64, 1.29, 1.05, 0.27 and 0.26 mg/kg, respectively. The average concentrations of Sr, Cu, As, Mo, Sb and Ag were higher than the world soil average. The highest concentrations of Cu, As, Mo, Sb, Cd and Ag were observed in the nearest distant (1 km) from the smelter. In order to assess the source of elements, enrichment factor and geoaccumulation index of elements were calculated and the Principal Component Analysis was used. The results showed that As, Sb, Cd and Ag were mainly from anthropogenic sources; Cu and Mo were from both anthropogenic and natural sources; and Al, Sr and Zr were mainly from natural sources. The composition of dust emitted from the smelter confirmed this conclusion.


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