Impacts of flying dust phenomenon on heavy metal concentration in soils and absorption by selected plant species in Ahvaz city


Faculty of Earth Sciences, Shahid Chamran University, Ahvaz, Iran


Dust is one of the most important sources of air pollution in Ahvaz city. Results of ICP-MS analysis of dust samples show that  the heavy metal concentration such as As, Pb, Zn and Ni are above the natural concentrations. In order to evaluate the potential of predominant plant species growing in Ahvaz to absorb heavy metals in dust, three species of more abundance of trees, called Ecalyptus camaldulensis dehnh, Ficus religiosa L. and  Conocarpus erectus L. ,were considered. These samples were analyzed to determine concentrations of heavy metals by XRF method. Pollution of soils with heavy metals and relationship between metal uptake from soil by leaf were evaluated by calculating Enrichment factor and concentration factor, respectively. High concentrations of heavy metals in dusts and direct relationship between the concentration of heavy metals in dust and leaves, reveals that flying dust may be an important source for heavy metal concentration in the affected plant species. Comparing the concentration of heavy metals in leaves of the studied species indicates that they are apt to the absorption of particular heavy metals and potential of plant species studied in uptake of heavy metals, Ecalyptus camaldulensis dehnh > Ficus religiosa L. > Conocarpus erectus L. respectively.


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