Analyzing Aerosol Optical Property and Size Distribution of Dust Particle Using AERONET


1 Remote sensing K.N.ToosiUniversity of Technology, Tehran

2 Department of K.N.Toosi University of Technology, Tehran


Increased occurrence of dust phenomenain recent decade is motive of various researchers to find  an  accurate  method for dust detection and monitoring. Identify the exact properties of dust particle via remote sensing images remains a challenging procedure that requires side information about optical properties and size distribution of dust particles in any specific region. In this study, AERONET Level 2data which are cloud mask and quality controlled are used to investigate these parameters in Iran. According to 469 separate day data during 2001 to 2012 of three AERONET stations, all optical properties and size distribution of dust are analyzed. Some of results are described below which are gained after excluding other aerosol data: 0.44 µm Optical depth of more than %50 of data are between 0.4_0.6 and no data is recorded more than 2.5, single scattering  albedo in range of 0.9_0.95, asymmetry parameter in range of 0.74_0.71 is obtained for 0.44_1.02 µm which indicate these parameters are related to wavelength and 1.52± 0.003i is yielded for refractive index. Among all of studied parameters, size distributions such as effective radius and volume concentration showed strong dependency to optical depth. Hence they are presented as function of optical depth. Finally, all the results are evaluated by of precise global and local research.


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