Three Dimensional Structural Analysis of the Sefid-Zakhur Anticline in the Fars Province, in order to obtain Geometry of the Permo-Triassic Reservoir Level


1 Department of Geology, TarbiatModares University, Tehran, Iran

2 Group of Dynamics of the Lithosphere (GDL), Institute of Earth Sciences ‘JaumeAlmera’, ICTJA-CSIC, Barcelona, Spain

3 Department of Engineering, University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran

4 National Iranian Oil Company, Exploration Directorate, Tehran, Iran


      Geometry of the Permo-Triassic reservoir level is necessary to be obtained before planning a new gas exploration well in the Fars Paleo-high region. This study used field data and seismic profiles tied to exploratory well data, in order to figure out the three dimensional geometry of the Sefid-Zakhur anticline, as a structural analogue in the region. To achieve, six balance structural cross-sections as well as a complete 3D structural model of the Sefid-Zakhur anticline were constructed. The result indicate that more structural uplift due to more shortening in the western part of the anticline facilitates gas migration and accumulation within this part. In addition, for planning the location of a new exploration well, the effect of the Triassic evaporitic detachment level should be taken in consideration, as it decouples the geometry of post-Triassic succession from the Permo-Triassic gas reservoir. This decoupling shifted the crest location of surficial folds in respect to the target reservoir level.


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