Electro- Facies and their Correlation with Fracture Density, Asmari Reservoir, Lali Oil Field


1 Department of Geology, ShahidChamran University, Ahvaz

2 NIOC, Ahvaz


      Electro- facies of the Asmari reservoir of the Lali oil field, located at ~40km NW of Masjid- e- Soleiman, This field were determined using geological characteristics, and reservoir petro physical logs. They were clustered initially by neural network method. Water saturation-porosity plot sand capillary pressure data of core scaling tests were compared to present cluster (electro-facies) fields. Each of facies or rock types was graded in view of reservoir quality and then extended the final model to all of studied wells. Due to fracture role in the reservoir quality, their densities were determined using FMI image and velocity deviation logs. The results revealed that distinguished petrology of similar electro-faciesplays an important role in the fracture densities.    


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