The study of geological engineering properties of Gachsaran formation in Ramhormoz area, east -Khuzestan


1 Full Prof. Bu Ali Sina University,Hmedan

2 MSC Engineering Geology Bu Ali Sina University,Hmedan

3 Assistant. Prof. Bu Ali Sina University,Hmedan

4 PH.D Student Of Engineering Geology, Ferdwsi University Of Mashad


      Rocks with different physical and mechanical properties have different behaviors and a careful study of these properties seem necessary. The main purpose of this research is the study of geological engineering properties accentuating the evaluation of solubility potential in gypsum, and the swelling potential of marls from Gachsaran Formation in Ramhormoz area. Based on petrographic studies, Gachsaran Formation contains marls, gypsum and lime sandstone argillaceous rocks. Gypsum with two different textures has been considered.  Fine grained (alabastrine) and coarse grained (porphyritic) gypsum.  Marls were divided into four types. The results indicate that texture, especially grain size and shape, is an important parameter controlling the differences in the mechanical properties of gypsum studied. The content of clay minerals, calcium carbonate and gypsum are the main factors which control the properties of marls. Based on intact rock engineering classification, alabastrine gypsum is classified in DH category. Also porphyritic gypsum, all types of marls as well as lime sandstone are classified in EH category. The dissolution test results show that alabastrain gypsum possesses more solubility than porphyritic gypsum due to its fine grain texture. Potential dissolution of gypsum increases when acidity of solution increases. That is in pH=6.5-7 alabastrine and porphyritic solubles are 2.72 and 2.63 gr/L respectively. The swelling test results show that maximum swelling strain and swelling pressure in distilled water is %23.64 and 315.76 kPa respectively. It was found that the increase in gypsum content in marl and the concentration of gypsum in water plays an important role in reducing the strain and pressure swelling of marls. ANFIS as a combination of fuzzy logic and neural networks in the form of neuro-fuzzy method was used to detect uniaxial compression strength of rocks. The input data include tensile strength, durability Index and porosity from 105 laboratory samples. The results of this model show that alabasrine gypsum has maximum strength.


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